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Our awarded logo of Hotel Olympia is the result of the crossover of history and the creative inspiration of the team Designers United who undertook the project of designing the new identity of the hotel in 2006 while being under severe renovation. Viewing it over and over again, you will ...

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Opposite the archaeological site of the Roman Market, next to the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, former Governor's House,  and very close to the byzantine church of Saint Dimitrios, HO is the best option for the traveller who wants to get to see the Ηistoric Centre of the city. On...

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Olympia Baths

Hospitality Tales...

In the centre of Thessaloniki, underneath the so-called Dioikitirio, Baths “OLYMPIA” open for the very first time. The luxurious infrastructure and the unknown for the time being services such as shower, hammam, massage, physiotherapies etc introduce new customs to the daily routine of the city and Baths “OLYMPIA” very quickly become the beloved meeting point of all citizens of Thessaloniki.

Where the baths were grounded, at the block between Olympou and Venizelou street, Hotel OLYMPIA is built, with ambitious prospects and for the following 15 years it operates along with the baths.

After 45 years of operation, the famous baths finally close down and this family hotel is completely renovated. Hotel “OLYMPIA” with 111 new rooms, a restaurant and a cafeteria, begins to write its own story, as one of the first "luxury" hotels in the city.

The historical “OLYMPIA” hotel is now called Hotel Olympia and is being severely renovated to become an elegant boutique hotel with high specifications and adapt to the new needs of the urban environment. HO continues, up to now, the tradition of offering quality hospitality.